Return of Sessay Scarecrow Festival

The pandemic has seen many village traditions put on hold, but part of living with Covid is re-establishing those traditions. The first tradition we are digging out is the new tradition of a Scarecrow Festival first held in 2019. This was a great success last time, not only creating and strengthening bonds in the village, but bringing in people from surrounding areas.
The planned date is Sunday May 15th and

We need Scarecrows!

There is no specific theme, we just need our imaginations.  You can get lots of ideas on the Internet. You don’t even need to use straw, shredded paper works well.  Last time there were 38 Scarecrows lining the main street of the village, so lets try to get to 50 this time.

The event will focus on the Village Hall, where there will be activities, tea and cake, plus a Scarecrow Treasure hunt to get people round the village hunting for clues. There is also a best Scarecrow prize!

We also need donations for the Tombola!

The aim is to raise funds for the planned refurbishment of the Village Hall and well as re-ignite our community spirit and have some fun.

Please get in touch to let us know you want to enter by contacting:

Doreen Till on 01845 577906, Email. Or Carole Trow on 01845 501141 by March 15th.

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